To unleash character-rich, literary, visual journeys that provoke, elevate and inspire.

To set unknown, fascinating stories free to entertain an ever-expanding audience.

To deliver storytelling experiences which leave lasting imprints on the soul.

To create a diverse literary galaxy that flourishes with the illumination of the word.

“Once the heart is touched, it never forgets.”

“Small stories can be big and little characters can be giants.”


Our love of literature is combined with a passion for illustration.

Our relationships and journeys emerge with a sense of narrative purpose.

Experiences and wisdom reflect the accomplishments of lives worth living … and the stories around those lives are worth sharing.


We are unleashing narratives, captured in screenplays or manuscripts,  and converting them into “page-turning movies” – the graphic novel format.

As Dare To Be Free Press catches momentum, we will enhance our graphic novel offering with innovative poetry and modern fiction in contemporary, visual formats to meet the experiential demands of today’s audiences. 

“We offer a platform for the hidden, innovative voice.”


The founders relish and celebrate the power of words and the powerful impact words have on the heart. We find magic in reflection and exploring the levels of story and journey. We discover enchantment in fiction and truth in prose.

Our lives, our relationships, our dreams all converge into a grand narrative … a powerful story … who we are.

And it is the WORDS we choose to tell those stories which elevate, evoke, enthrall and entertain.

We invite your curiosity and companionship on our new endeavor … to dare to be free.