Photos by Jared Swanson (@abbotkinney)


I don’t know if it’s true that you have to live a big story in order to tell a big story. But I do know that experience and wisdom are necessary in order to engage in a story that’s meaningful.

So, I have lived in different places around the world and seen the eyes and heard the voices of lots of different people. These give me an inner strength that I hope I can weave into meaning.

I don’t know if I like poetry, I can’t say that I want to read every day. I don’t know if early morning is better than late night.

But I do know that I love storytelling and all of those words that march from the pages into the mind and impact the heart.

Gary Dean Simpson grew up on the Texas coast, schooled in engineering and writing, has taken ten thousand plane rides and now walks the beach. Father, partner, good friend, and wanna-be philosopher.