by | Apr 15, 2020

It’s got to be my favorite power word. A startling zinger to provoke action. It’s an exclamation point to any idea. It’s a battle cry. It’s a startling shout-out that evokes a whoop and a laugh.

It’s how I like to feel. It’s an ecstatic moment. It defines invigoration and excitement. So with the moment … Dare To Be Free is launched with a hearty BOOM!!

Yet, the very essence of our enterprise was born before the actual BOOM moment. It began more as this shocking surprise to my emotions, when I met my love Amy. Perhaps the best elements of our journeys are the ones not planned, nor expected – which is exactly what occurred with our cosmic romance. We met via a sweet invite from a dear friend (our matchmaker). The chemistry was electric. Our words, and laughter and cultures mixed into a magic cocktail. Within weeks, like young hearts connected by the gold-thread of destiny, we were in love … yep, the kind that is everlasting. I would look into her eyes and see our future … all the amazing possibilities.

And there, sparkling within her radiant smiles, was the mission. We would share literature. We would fulfill a partnership to write tales. We would create, edit, publish and share books with whoever, wherever, whenever. It was our moment to – Dare To Be Free.

There was never even a reflection to conjure up names or plan any endeavors. It was meant to be. As natural as leaning into her kiss or taking her hand to walk on the beach, the identity of what “we will be” was just there … in a poetic verse as well as a literal commitment. All that has already come is now already done. The future holds infinite happiness, bold choices and a path that dares us to live, laugh and love like there is no tomorrow.

Together we inspire one another. We hope our inspiration finds its way into stories, into minds and into hearts. It is that powerful. Dare I say … BOOM!