by | May 1, 2020

The best stories, those literary GEMS, are just “the bomb!” Am I right??

They take the complete combination: the plot has to be compelling, the characters must come alive in full-dimension, and then the descriptive prose illuminates … all giving it the BOOM factor.

If we “reflect upon reflections,” the STORY has been the connection of humankind over the ages, from cave to camp fires to condos. We all want to start at the beginning and take the amazing journey. This has been my ambition over a lifetime. As a youngster, I read and wrote and dreamed. My career offered an adventure to see the world and explore the cultures. It has blessed me with a treasure-trove of characters … and maybe some splashes of wisdom. It has given me volumes of facts and knowledge to parse through. It has offered the opportunity to engage in the visual world of story-telling with its amazing bombastic possibilities. All of which bring me to this very moment … in which the blessing to reach millions of rambunctious, craving minds, via multiple media platforms, is a doggone AMAZING reality.

And with Dare To Be Free, we are claiming our own identity … a gateway to engage a multitude of readers and genres … with our focus on the character-rich, “plot-perplexing” visualization. Take the great story and give it life through the artwork. It is delivering a moving-picture experience in the palm of your hands … it is dynamic-world-illumination.

When I write down the words, I see the menagerie of pictures. The pages of my scripts were designed to deliver a film … now, the pages of these graphic novels have done just that!


I dare you …