Based on an American Film Institute award-winning screenplay, SOMEDAY COMES PARADISE delivers a dark, Southern coming-of-age story that exposes the souls of a mother and son on the run in a perverse and violent world with the hope for a better life
…  somewhere … maybe in Paradise.

“Gary Dean can WRITE …
and knows how to tell a story.”

-Billy Bob Thornton

150-page graphic novel | Action & Adventure | Rated M | Mature
Written by Gary Dean Simpson
Art by Enid Balam
Colorization by Kat Maus
Lettering by Bill Maus

Shipping by February 2, 2021


In 2099, the Blood Plague had ravaged planet Earth, leading to chaos, desperation and global war. The final battle began from space. Our Moon was destroyed. With it, Earth’s orbit shifted, the rotation of its core slowed, and the atmosphere leaked away. The blue planet froze,
completely enclosed in ice. Only the deep oceans, beneath the surface, offered any hope of life. From this watery darkness, the last remnants of mankind have struggled to survive in the few remaining Sea Bases. But now, as the adventure begins, our crew must face another threat … from a CREATURE of evolution.

 ARCHAEA displays the gripping saga of humankind fighting to escape extinction and emerge in an evolved world. Part of the planned sci-fi trilogy “Ascension of the Species,” ARCHAEA displays an epic vision of the future and is based on a complete production screenplay.

135-page graphic novel
Action & Adventure | Sci-Fi | TEEN

Written by Dean Azul
Art by Graeme Howard


It’s cold. It’s relentless. It’s the ugly side of suburbia. Meet a crew of East Coast kids who have grown up in a down-and-dirty world with few dreams and fewer heroes. Their bombastic leader D-Man has promised an escape from their miserable lives, an escape to glory days … but they could never escape him and his immortality.

On their final night together, ride shot-gun with the gang to witness the unraveling of friendships and trust, the slaying of demons and the forging of a new life. It’s dark. It’s wicked. It’s BONE-CRUSHING.

136-page graphic novel
Action & Adventure | Rated M | Mature
Written by Dean Azul
Art by Garrie Gastonny


Welcome to the grand world of American baseball, with arenas bigger than life, perfectly manicured fields, hyped-up mascots and our mega-athletes! And now imagine Willy Wonka meets Field of Dreams

In the pages of this remarkable graphic novel, you’ll meet Edward Plows – an eccentric playboy in 1900’s Chicago, both business wheeler-dealer and baseball fanatic. Tracking back through history, glimpse Plows’ life in the confectionary hey-day of Chicago with its delicious drama — suicide, bravado, success, adultery, and baseball. He made the best gourmet chocolates of his era, and his enigmatic candy-maker delivered real MAGIC to all – including the baseball player heroes of the day.

Our journey starts in the present day with the great grandson, Eddie Plows, engaged in his own overwhelming state of affairs as a professional team owner and steward of a proud historical legacy. Yet, his world has tumbled into disarray, his family relationships are struggling and the very MAGIC of his inheritance has been stolen away. Travel back and forth in time, and get ready for a magical journey of love, loss, family and – most of all – BASEBALL.

151-page graphic novel
Sports, Fiction, Fantasy | TEEN (Family)
Written by Gary Dean Simpson
Art by James Lyle